Fix A Chipped Manicure with Zoya Remove +

Zoya RemoveYou adore your manicure color that you just went to the salon for – it’s shiny, bright, and perfect. Next thing you know, the unthinkable happens. A chip. We’ve all been there which is why Allure wants you to fix that chip, nice and quick! First thing you should do with that nick is file it; don’t have one? Try a the striking strip from a match book! Next, you’re going to want to smooth the chip out by applying nail polish remover very lightly. Allure suggests using Zoya Remove +!

“Where polish is chipped, it’s raised off of the nail, and painting straight over that creates a mess,” says manicurist Elle. Smooth the chip by gently filing it or by tapping a little nail-polish remover, like Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 3-in-1 Formula, over just the crack in your polish. It flattens the surface enough that you can “paint over it without making the polish look lumpy.” – Elle

Thirdly, taking the matching nail polish color – lightly touch up the chip by filling only that spot in, allowing to dry, then painting over the entire nail. If you want to switch things up, you can also do a little nail art to cover the chip up! Try a modern color-blocking nail art.

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Zoya Remove Plus
Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover
$4.6 – $25

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