How to Perfect Your Man’s Nails

NM MensWomen in general love to take care of their nails, while some men do and others don’t. Whether your guy is the type to keep their nails looking nice or he doesn’t pay as much attention to them – The Naked Manicure Men’s Kit is the perfect product for any guy, and here’s why:

NM Before After 1
Before (Left) and After (Right)

The Men’s Kit has 3 products; the Naked Base, The Buff Perfector, and the Naked Satin Seal. The base is filled with a nutrient rich formula that will add botanicals and vitamins to promote healthy growth while also smoothing the surface. The Buff perfector will create a much more healthy looking nail bed while still looking very natural. Finally, the Satin Seal will create a natural looking finish. The results: a clean, healthy nail look that only he will know he’s wearing. It’s like his own little secret! We know men don’t typically like to ask for directions but this easy steb-by-step guide is one he won’t complain about! Below are a couple photos of men’s before and afters:

Before (Left) and After (Right)

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Mens Kit
Naked Manicure Men’s Kit $22

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