Naked Manicure is Perfect On the Go!

Princess Polish NMExcited to try the new Naked Manicure system? Danielle from Princess Polish put together an amazing post to help get you started! She loved the Pink Perfector to brighten her nails and even out the coloring, perfect for fairer skin. The Buff Perfector similarly enhances your nails but works better for a “peachier” skin tone. Nude works well for those with a more beige coloring and gives the perfect natural look for their nail bed. Danielle also found that Mauve worked for her, however, not as well as the Buff Perfector. Mauve is best for those with a darker nail bed. We are excited to say that Danielle discovered that her Naked Manicure was able to last for a full week with minor chipping and that in the 25 days that she has been wearing the system she has not broken or cracked a nail!

How nice would it be to paint your nails on a Sunday night and know that you could get a whole week at the office, PLUS drinks on a Friday after work, a Saturday out with friends, and maybe a Sunday BBQ out of a mani? Not only would it be stellar, but it IS possible with the Zoya Naked Manicure system! -Danielle from Princess Polish

We are so glad that Danielle loved the system and cannot wait to see even more of your responses! Tag your Naked Manicure pictures with #NakedManicures to be featured on our website!


Professional Kit
Naked Manicure Professional Kit
Naked Manicure Women's Starter Kit
Naked Manicure Women’s Starter Kit

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