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NM StoriesI’m a mother of two, so painting my nails isn’t exactly Number 1 on my priority list. Between working full time and raising a family, it’s hard to find time where I can spend 20 minutes waiting for my nails to dry. If anything, I could only find just enough time to put on a clear coat of nail polish while on a call at the office, but it didn’t help with any of my nails’ imperfections, like splitting and ridging—a reoccurring and frustrating problem that seemed to have only gotten worse after my pregnancy. That’s when I decided to give the Naked Manicure kit a shot.

After consistently using the product for a month, I’ve noticed a great difference in the quality of my nails. Not only did the kit help fill in my ridges, but it even helped my nails grow stronger and healthier. In the past, after working so hard to maintain my nail growth, my weak nails would split and I would have to cut them down to the quick, forcing me to start all over again from square one. Now, the Naked Manicure kit helps my nails grow healthy and strong so splitting isn’t an issue. Miraculously, the polish doesn’t even take long to dry!

What I love most about this kit is that it covers up the damage and improves the look of your nails, while other treatments are just a clear coat where you can still see the damage underneath. This is especially great for hairdressers whose hands and nails are constantly in water, being weakened and worn away. If I could find the time to keep my nails looking polished and healthy, anybody could! –Shelle

Are you ready to get naked? Learn more about the system and get started on your journey to healthy nails here.


Naked Manicure Women's Starter Kit
Naked Manicure Women’s Starter Kit



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