NYFW Spring 2016 Recap: Zoya At Josie Natori

josie natori ss16

ZOYA NAIL POLISH COLORS USED: ZOYA in Chantal and Naked Manicure Buff Perfector

Josie went with an updated nude nail by combining Chantal with the Naked Manicure Buff Perfector to complement the modern collection with subtle Asian influences.” – Rebecca Isa, Creative Director of ZOYA

A modern take on the chic, updated mannequin hand by pairing Chantal with the Buff Perfector for a flawless high gloss finish complemented the Josie Natori Spring 2016 collection.

josie natori ss16

Designer, Josie Natori
Designer, Josie Natori

GET THE ZOYA NAIL POLISH JOSIE NATORI SS16 NAIL LOOK: Prep the nail by shaping, gently buffing and cleaning up cuticles. Prepare for perfect application with the Naked Base and a coat of the Naked Manicure Buff Perfector. Then apply two coats of Chantal and finish the look with Naked Manicure Satin Seal Top Coat and Fast Drops.


Zoya in Chantal
Zoya in Chantal $9 Zoya.com
Buff Perfector
Buff Perfector $10

ZOYA products are available exclusively in finer salons, spas, dermatology offices and specialty centers with salons on premises in over 15 countries and at www.zoya.com.


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