Making your Nails Stronger with Naked Manicure

zoya_nail_polish_bustle_nakedmanicureThat moment when your perfect looking manicure chips is among the worst things to happen to a polish lover. Most people are always looking for ways to extend their nail look, but want an alternative to gels. Bustle is sharing their seven ways to make your nails stronger featuring the Naked Manicure System.

“Gels may look fabulous, but are not exactly good for your nails. Try to take a few weeks in-between manicures to let them breathe. If you absolutely can’t stand bare nails in the interim, reach for Zoya’s Naked Manicure Kit that’s safe for recovering nails.” -Bustle

Along with making sure your nails and cuticles are hydrated, it’s important to maintain your nail health as well to get the strongest nails possible. Naked Manicure treats your nails with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to help them grow healthier while cosmetically enhancing them at the same time.

One of our favorite features of Naked Manicure is that you can pair it with color – giving the look and wear time of gels, without the potential harm! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Learn more about the system here.


Naked Manicure Women's Starter Kit
Naked Manicure Women’s Starter Kit


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