NYFW Fall 2016 Recap: Zoya At Marissa Webb

Yvonne TNT for ZOYA Nails
Photo by: Yvonne TNT for ZOYA Nails

ZOYA NAIL POLISH COLORS USED: Naked Manicure™ Lavender Perfector, Willa, Naked Manicure™ Glossy Seal

Lead Nail Tech: Miss Pop

Marissa Webb does such an incredible job of mixing masculine and feminine styles, so we chose the “Out of the Box” design to bring that bold and sexy combination to the nail art look.” – Miss Pop

Yvonne TNT for ZOYA Nails
Photo by: Yvonne TNT for ZOYA Nails

In order to complement Marissa Webb’s daring and fresh collection we chose a trendy negative space manicure. The drastic contrast of Willa with the model’s natural nail was made possible with the Naked Manicure™ Lavender Perfector, which fills ridges and corrects colors in minutes.

How To Nails:
First apply one coat of ZOYA Naked Manicure™ Lavender Perfector to enhance the natural nail glow and allow a couple of minutes for the base coat to set. Next lay a piece of 1/8” wide tape (vinyl sticker bars were used back stage) centered on the nail about ¾ way down to the cuticle. Then paint two coats of Willa, once one hand is finished pull the tape off all five fingers. Seal the top of the negative space box by swiping Willa straight across the tip of your nail. Put the finishing touch on the look with ZOYA Naked Manicure™ Glossy Seal.


Perfector in Lavender
Zoya in Willa
Zoya in Willa $9 zoya.com
Glossy Seal
Glossy Seal
 Zoya For Marissa Webb NYFW Trio $30 zoya.com

Zoya For Marissa Webb NYFW Trio

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