Smartest Hacks for Painting Your Nails

zoya_nail_Polish_popsugar_rachelzoeWith so many new nail looks to try as seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week, there are also a lot of tips and tricks backstage to make painting a breeze. PopSugar is sharing 9 of the smartest hacks that you’ve never heard before!

If you want to master a clean edge on a dark manicure, try using tape! Rachel Zoe opted for a gorgeous medium raspberry shade – Zoya in Riley for her AW16 show. If you’ve ever painted on a deep red shade, you’ll know how frustrating it is to remove stains on your skin when you don’t get that perfectly clean edge.

“If you want to attempt a dark color at home, you can, without the mess. Lead manicurist Sunshine Outing for Zoya told us to just simply use tape on both sides of each nail, then let everything dry well before pulling them off. You’ll have a crisp, clean dark mani in no time!” -PopSugar

Easy! Learn more about the Rachel Zoe nail look here.


Zoya in Riley $10
Zoya in Riley

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