How to Fix a Smudged Nail Before Prom

zoya_Nail_polish_teenvogue_fastdropsProm is a teen’s single most anticipated event, so it’s no surprise that everything needs to be perfect! In times of trouble, Teen Vogue is sharing their 6 Hacks for Pre-Prom Emergencies (that hopefully won’t happen).

If you mess up your perfectly painted manicure, have no fear. Zoya’s Creative Director, Rebecca Isa shared her tips for how to fix a smudge last minute.

“If the polish is still wet, wet your thumb and gently massage the area that’s wrinkled or smudged,” says Rebecca Isa, creative director of Zoya. “Very little pressure is needed, as you’re essentially buffing the polish until it’s smooth again.” Then reapply topcoat and seal it with quick-dry drops like Zoya Fast Drops to avoid smudging it again. If you did plan in advance (congrats!) but your polished has chipped, it’s better to use a fine brush, like the kind you’d use for nail art, to color in the missing area with polish. “Let it dry and repeat layer by layer to build up to the original polish thickness,” suggests Rebecca. “It’ll look much better this way than trying to fill it in all at once.”-Rebecca Isa

Not only are Fast Drops a nail polish crisis life saver, but they also come in handy during every day life too! When you need a quick manicure, throw these drops on for speedy dry time!


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