Zoya Puts the Art in Nail Art


Looking for an a cool, but simple Fall nail art look? The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette loved the Zoya nail art at Nicole Miller! Read on for the steps from manicurist, Holly Falcone, on how to get the look at home!

“Nail designs that emphasize the “art” in “nail art” will be having a moment.”

1.) “Paint a cross in Ireland (or another color of your choosing) in the middle of the nail

2.) Leave a space and trace each edge of the cross with a contrasting color (Arizona)

3.) Fill in the space along the outer edge with the original color so that it matches the first cross

4.) Voila – you should end up with something that looks like an artsy maze”


Zoya in Ireland $9 zoya.com
Zoya in Ireland
Zoya in Arizona $10 zoya.com
Zoya in Arizona

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