The Best Nail Polish for Every Skin Tone


It’s official, nude is in! When it comes to the perfect nude nail polish, Marie Claire has you covered with the help from celebrity manicurist, Miss Pop.

“Nude has begun to mean a lot of different things,” says Miss Pop. “We’re not just talking opacity anymore, or tone, it’s also a variety of neutrals. It goes everywhere from beige to gray, to even a pale apricot or peach. Depending on your skin tone and personality, there’s more than one option for you.” – Miss Pop for Marie Claire

While the Naked Manicure offers a selection of Perfectors to try depending on your skin tone, Marie Claire recommends the Nude Perfector if you have a darker skin tone. The perfectors are very sheer, and are meant to brighten and correct your natural nail color while adding vitamins to it at the same time.

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Nude Perfector $10
Nude Perfector

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