Zoya Flynn is a Gorgeous Warm Nude

We love the versatility of a simple nude mani, but sometimes it can be hard to hunt down the perfect shade.¬†Bustle recently put together a list of their favorite nude polishes, including Zoya in Flynn for “tan skin with warm undertones”! Flynn is best described as a lush camel brown nude.

“Not only can a nude mani make your fingers look longer, but also tip-wear isn’t as obvious as with a bright polish, so you can go longer between touch-ups. If that’s still not enough reason, a nude mani also transcends seasonal trends and goes with every outfit”


Zoya in Flynn
Zoya in Flynn $9 zoya.com

ZOYA products are available exclusively in finer salons, spas, dermatology offices and specialty centers with salons on premises in over 15 countries and at www.zoya.com.


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