Get Healthy Cuticles and a Gorg Zoya Mani as Seen at Carolina Herrera

We’ve all been there–we’re at the salon and we can’t decide if we should get our cuticles cut or pushed back. This may seem like a small choice, but it can mean big things for your nail health. Follow the link to E News to learn more on how to upkeep your cuticle health! And after you clean-up your cuticles, try this gorgeous manicure seen at Carolina Herrera! To get the look mix Rue and Pandora (50/50) to recreate the custom polish blend used on the runway.

“Avoid cutting cuticles,” said Zoya Creative Director Rebecca Isa. “They are there to protect the nail, and cutting can lead to infections.”

See more from the Carolina Herrera show here.


Zoya in Rue
Zoya in Pandora

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