Zoya Lipstick Swatches

The Zoya Lipstick range is growing! Take a look at swatches from bloggers, to see if you can find your perfect shade!

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The Feminine Files 12 The Jedi Wife 123
Taneja’s Bride 12 The Juicy Beauty World
Vanity Rouge Phoebe Moon (Video)
Alli Evette (Video) Sloppy Swatches (Video)
Miss Holly Berries (Video) Uppiesbeads59 (Video)
BeautyJudy PolishedPolyglot
My Beauty Bunny Polish and Paws
The Polished Perspective Simply Jary
Swatch & Learn All Things Beautiful
Peachy Polish Adventures in Polishland
Ehmkay Nails Naked Without Polish
Manicure Manifesto Delishious Nails
Lacquer or Leave Her My Nail Polish Obsession
Never Enough Nails Manicure Manifesto
Polished Lifting

ZOYA products are available exclusively in finer salons, spas, dermatology offices and specialty centers with salons on premises in over 15 countries and at www.zoya.com.


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