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Mother’s day is right around the corner, and there is still time to get the perfect gift! Men’s Health has the go to guide for those who need a quick go to for that special lady in your life. Featured is the Naked Manicure Women’s Kit.

The Naked Manicure Nail System is a simple and highly effective system that delivers instant, gorgeous natural looking nails while providing intense therapeutic, long-term benefits for a stronger, healthier, smoother feeling nail.

Treat and Correct Damage from: Pitting, Ridges, Fraying free edges, Gel damage, Discoloration caused by polish or aging.

Vitamins, Proteins and Botanicals: B5/Panthenol to improve flexibility and decrease brittleness, E to support cellular renewal, Red Algae to improve micro circulation, Gingko to increase oxygen exchange, Sulfur Amino Acid/Protein Complex to fill in pitting and cracking.

Instant and Longterm Benefits:

  • Neutralize unsightly discoloration
  • Refine nail plate surface
  • Smooth ridges
  • Prefect free edge
  • Create a natural healthy tone and finish
  • Supports cellular renewal
  • Improve oxygenation
  • Enhance flexibility and strength
  • Increase hydration and resilience

:Rather than buying her a certificate to an expensive salon, help her treat herself at home with this set, which costs about the same (if not less) than one manicure-pedicure and will yield her numerous more. The colors and treatments inside will not only give her healthy nails but also make it easy to ace her next nail session without the help of a professional.” –Men’s Health

A fan favorite can become a Mom favorite!


Naked Manicure Women's Starter Kit
Naked Manicure Women’s Starter Kit

ZOYA products are available exclusively in finer salons, spas, dermatology offices and specialty centers with salons on premises in over 15 countries and at www.zoya.com.


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