Royal Manicures

Royal’s have a rule when it comes to manicures and nail polish color. Put away your reds, light sheer pinks are the required colors if you are to wear polish. For the Royal wedding a sheer pink was the nail look, and Peaceful Dumpling shared the perfect pink for a Zoya manicure. Madison by Zoya is a great, healthy choice for a manicure, especially for a wedding.

Madison by Zoya can be best described as the softest pale pink with a sheer, milky creme finish. Adds a clean, well-groomed look when worn alone or perfectly accents a French, Nude manicure.

“This semi-sheer pale pink is universally flattering and gives nails a clean, well-groomed, feminine look without stealing the show. For a cruelty-free version, try Zoya Madison” -Peaceful Dumpling

Pair Madison with a white tip for a french tip manicure. Finish the look with Naked Manicure’s Glossy Seal for the perfect touch!


Zoya Madison
Zoya in Madison

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