Lavender Perfector

Get the perfect manicure without breaking the bank! Zoya’s Lavender Perfector is a treatment that can be built up for a light lavender color. This treatment is is ideal for neutralizing discoloration and adding a cooler base. Refinery 29 made a list of their top favorite nail polish colors, getting the best bang for your buck!

“This varnish is technically a base coat, but thanks to the reflective and finely-milled pink-purple pigments inside, this best-seller pulls off a cool trick: making nails look naturally healthy with a sheer tint of lavender.” -Refinery 29

Lavender Perfector is part of the Naked Manicure System that works by instantly correcting cosmetic nail problems and delivering vitamins, proteins and botanicals directly to the nail.


1. Prep the nail by shaping, gently buffing and cleaning up cuticles.

2. Apply Naked manicure Naked Base (basecoat).

3. Select the Naked Manicure Perfector first coat. Use lavender for discoloration. If layering more than one shade, use the brighter/stronger shade first.

4. Apply the selected Naked Manicure Perfector second coat. If between shades, the second coat is for the color that softens or tones the base color.

5. Apply Naked Manicure Tip Perfector along free edge of the nail to brighten, fill and finish.

6. Activate Naked Manicure Satin Seal by gently rolling the bottle between hands for twenty seconds.

7. Apply one coat of Naked Manicure Satin Seal to blend, blur and seal the look creating the closest ever natural nail finish (compatible with fast drops).

8. For an optional shiny finish, apply one coat of Naked Manicure Glossy Seal over Satin Seal (compatible with fast drops.)


Perfector in Lavender
naked mini pro
Mini Pro Kit

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