NYFW Fall/Winter 2019 Recap: Zoya At Nicole Miller

Photo Credit: Yvonne TNT for ZOYA

Nail Look: ZOYA Remove Plus, Naked Manicure Naked Base, Fern, Purity, Raven, Naked Manicure Glossy Seal, Fast Drops

Nail Look: Evil Eye

Nail Tech: Naomi Gonzalez for ZOYA

“Evil Eyes are one of Nicole’s iconic symbols she has used year after year. This look is inspired by the New York girl who is trying to find balance in New York City life – keeping a talisman of good luck on her nails and checking her horoscope every morning to navigate her busy New York life.”-Naomi Gonzalez, Lead Manicurist for ZOYA


The Nicole Miller AW 2019 remained true to its roots, embodying the rebellious yet elegant woman that is the Nicole Miller woman. With the plaid and leopard prints, silver chains, crosses and embellishments, the pieces screamed of edge. The nail look played off of the evil eye, one of the iconic symbols seen throughout the collection to give off the feeling of empowerment and strength, which was created using ZOYA in Fern, ZOYA in Raven and ZOYA in Purity.

How To:

Begin by cleaning and prepping the nail with ZOYA Remove Plus.  Start with Naked Manicure Naked Base to provide a nice base for the polish. Start off by applying one coat of ZOYA in Fern on each finger. Create the evil eye nail art on the right thumb and ring finger. For the evil eye, using ZOYA in Purity, start with a fine nail brush, and outline a half-moon or semi-circle to the side of the nail. Take ZOYA in Raven and trace the half moon, and then create the lashes starting from the half-moon/semi-circle outwards. Then create a dot using the polish (to imitate the pupil), and follow by drawing a circle around the dot.  Finally finish with ZOYA Naked Manicure Glossy Seal to give the nails that perfect, high shine finish. For a quick dry, add a few drops of ZOYA Fast Drops.

Photo Credit: Yvonne TNT for ZOYA


Zoya Nail Polish in Purity
Zoya Nail Polish Purity $10
Zoya in Raven
Zoya in Fern

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