Zoya Nail Polish Makes the Perfect Gift

zoya_nail_polish_advisoryhqGift season seems to always be upon us whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or just because! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone in their 20’s, look no further. Advisory HQ shared the 10 Best Gifts for Women in their 20’s!

Nail polish is a GREAT choice to gift because of the endless colors available, plus what girl doesn’t love to get a mani/pedi here and there? Featured as a Big5Free polish choice is Zoya!

“If your girl is concerned with the chemical content of her polishes, some brands also offer “5-free” colors. These polishes are free of the above-listed ingredients as well as formaldehyde resin and camphor.”

Zoya has over 300 gorgeous colors that are healthy and non-toxis so painting is worry-free! Explore our beautiful shades here.

ZOYA products are available exclusively in finer salons, spas, dermatology offices and specialty centers with salons on premises in over 15 countries and at www.zoya.com.