Naked Manicure Lavender Perfector Wins Allure’s Best of Beauty Breakthrough!

allureWe are extremely excited to announce that we won the Allure Magazine Beauty Breakthrough Award for the Lavender Perfector from the Naked Manicure System. We first learned about our big win when Linda Wells, Editor of Allure Magazine, appeared on the Today Show (NBC) and revealed the 4 Beauty Breakthrough Winners on National TV.

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Quote from Allure (as printed in the magazine & online):

“Zoya Naked Manicure Perfector in Lavender

Gel-polish devotees and fans of bold lacquers have basically accepted
that stained, ridged nails are the price they have to pay for all that bright,
shiny color. Sheer pastel polishes don’t disguise stains, ridge fillers smooth
the nail but are unappealingly opaque, and buffing thins and weakens nails.
The only thing to do has been to wait for the damage to grow out-or hit the
nail salon for a new manicure and start the cycle all over again.
Zoya’s creative director (a former theater makeup artist) had another,
deceptively simple idea: color correction. The company created a translucent
lavender polish that cancels out the yellowing and fills in ridges, so nails look naturally healthy.

HOW IT WORKS: The entire Naked Manicure system has three steps, including
a basecoat with conditioning ingredients and a topcoat with a satin sheen that mimics
the way light hits a bare nail. But it’s the middle layer-the one that actually neutralizes
stains and disguises ridges-that’s the big news here. To achieve this, chemists first minimized
the amount of titanium dioxide, the ingredient that turns sheer colors into pastels, to ensure
that the nail could be seen more clearly through the polish. They then added finely milled
pinkish-purple pigments to make a yellow nail look natural and healthy. And finally, they included
optical diffusers, tiny reflective particles that make the nail look smoother, as well as
translucent keratin fillers that even out ridges for a pristine finish.

WHAT AN EXPERT SAYS: “This is a really innovative way to correct the appearance
of damage-the equivalent of a soft-focus lens for nails,” says Hammer.
“Like purple shampoos for blonde shades, it eliminates any yellow in the nail using cutting-edge
technologies, such as the optical blurring now found in makeup, in an entirely new area.”
Adds New York City-based manicurist Elle, “The lavender shade of this polish really gives
stained nails a very natural, bare look. I’ve never seen anything like it!


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