Bright Citrus Nail Art

Zoya CitrusOne of the best parts of summer is sitting out in the sun with a glass of lemonade. This citrus manicure will perfectly complement your end of summer days out in the sun. We love the vibrant colors as a way to bring the sun into your everyday life.

What you’ll need…

Step 1: Paint each nail with the Anchor Base Coat. Follow up with two coats of Wendy on each nail. Wendy will really let Cole pop and create an amazing manicure!

Step 2: Paint a half-circle at the tip of each nail with Cole.

Step 3: After each nail is dry, outline the bottom of each half circle with Snow White.

Step 4: Next, paint a dot in the middle of each nail with Snow White. After you have done this, paint diagonal lines, joining at the dot to complete the slices of each “fruit”.

Step 5: Finally, paint each nail with Zoya Armor Top Coat and enjoy your citrus manicure!

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Zoya Wendy
Zoya in Wendy
Zoya Cole
Zoya in Cole
Zoya Nail Polish in Snow White
Zoya in Snow White

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