Get Your Longest Lasting Manicure Yet!

Long Lasting ManicureReady to make that mani last…and last? The Zoya Color Lock System will be your best friend for super long lasting, NATURAL manicures! Our friend, Susan Yara fromĀ Mixed Makeup shared a fun, and gorgeously filmed video displaying the Color Lock System and how it works, step by step for her series “The Cut”.

Watch the video below, and be inspired to get your longest lasting natural manicure! We guarantee people be shocked as to how shiny and chip-free your nails will be with natural nail polish! Get ready to have your longest lasting manicure yet!


Anchor Base
Zoya Anchor Base Coat
&10 – $19.96
Armor Top
Zoya Armor Top Coat
$10 – $19.96
Get Even
Zoya Get Even Base Coat
$10 – $19.96
Fast Drops
Zoya Fast Drops
$16 – $40
Zoya Renew Nail Polish Rejuvenator
$10 – $19.96
Zoya Remove Plus
Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover
$4.6 – $25

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