Fashion Inspiration with Zoya



Zoya in Charla was featured in College Fashion‘s post on Finding Dory Fashion Inspiration. They put Charla in an outfit inspired by the legendary bird, Becky. If you were going more for a Dory look, we have Zoya in Dory which was part of our Summer Sunsets Collection.

“Yes, Becky the loon is a little offbeat, but you know what? I trust Becky, and so does Nemo. You do you, girl!

Becky’s unique feather pattern is represented in this cool, abstract print dress. Amp it up for nighttime with red heels, then keep the theme going with statement earrings that feature a “feather”-like detailing.

Carry a bucket bag, a stylish nod to the pail she uses to assist Marlin and Nemo, then paint your nails with the sparkly polish below; it reminded me of the gorgeous coloring around Becky’s neck.” -CollegeFashion


Zoya in Charla $10
Zoya in Charla
Zoya nail polish in Dory $10
Zoya nail polish in Dory

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