Easter Nails – Speckled Jelly Bean Nail Art

Zoya Jelly Bean Nail Art

It’s finally SPRING and this is a mani the Easter Bunny will LOVE plus it’s a perfect way to add a pop of color to your look this Spring.

Easter Nails are a great way to celebrate by having a fun nail look! Colors used from pointer finger to pinky: Zoya Nail Polish in Dot, Zoya Nail Polish in Eden, Zoya Nail Polish in Heather, Zoya Nail Polish in Mira, Zoya Nail Polish in Blu, Zoya Nail Polish in LingZoya Nail Polish in Tiana & Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda.
Have Easter or Spring inspired nail art you wan to share? Use #EverydayZoya with an image for a chance to be featured on our Shade Spotlight!


Zoya Heather
Zoya in Heather $9 Zoya.com
Zoya Mira
Zoya in Mira $9 Zoya.com
Zoya Dot
Zoya in Dot $9 Zoya.com
Zoya Tiana
Zoya in Tiana $9 zoya.com
Zoya Tilda
Zoya in Tilda $9 zoya.com
Zoya Ling
Zoya in Ling $9 zoya.com

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