Zoya x Redbook Trio: The Winning Names

redbookZoya teamed up with Redbook to create a very special holiday trio where readers had the chance to name the polishes inspired by real women in their lives. Readers sent in stories about amazing women and girls in their lives in hopes to have a polish named after them. After thousands of stories and beautiful names, the three best stories were chosen and the colors were named Marjorie, Renee, and Cindy. Here are their stories:

Marjorie’s story:

“This is in memory of my mom. During the last month of her life, she’d get her nails done every week, and I’d pick out the shade. I usually chose something subtle, but at her last mani, we decided that the next week we’d try a more adventurous color. Sadly, we never got the chance, but this is just the sort of purple she would have loved.”

Renee’s story:

“I volunteer at a fire department, and when I saw this fire-engine-red shade, I wanted to honor our captain, Renee, who dedicates her life to assisting others. She started a crisis response team in our town that now has more than 100 volunteers who offer emotional support and basic necessities so those affected by fires and other tragedies.”

Cindy’s story:

“For Cindy, an amazing woman who has a true heart of gold. Three years ago she lost her 5-year-old son Ty to a rare form of cancer. I’ve watched her turn her grief into a source of inspiration by founding the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation, a nonprofit that funds research for pediatric cancers.”

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redbook trio
Zoya x Redbook Trio
Limited Edition Box

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