NYFW Fall 2015 Recap: Zoya At ICB NYC


Nail Look: Nude Blush
Nail tech: Cinnamon Bowser
Zoya in Taylor, Adel, Flynn and Naked Manicure Blush PerfectorICB’s Autumn/Winter 2015 presentation took place in a cozy, New York apartment where models relaxed as they showed off the newest collection.
 Zoya ICB
The nail look at ICB was “Nude Shear Gradients” where Zoya Creative Director, Rebecca Isa worked directly with the design studio to create the look. Lead Manicurist, Cinnamon Bowser used two versions customized to the skin tone of each model. The first look coined “Gradient Deep” used three shades, Zoya Nail Polish in Flynn, Zoya Nail Polish in Taylor, and Zoya Nail Polish in Adele. The second version, “Gradient Light” used Zoya Nail Polish in Taylor, Naked ManicureTM Blush Perfector (Coming in April!), and Zoya Nail Polish in Adele. The nude trend took a youthful turn by way of a sheer gradient.


Begin by using Zoya in Taylor as a base to ensure nails are smooth for polish application with a tint of color. Using the sponge method, blot nails with Zoya in Avery for the gradient effect. Follow that up with Zoya ‘s Naked Manicure Blush PerfectorT to perfect and blend the polish. For darker skin tones, begin with Zoya in Flynn as a base; follow up with Adel for the gradient aspect. Top with Taylor to blend the polish.


Zoya in Flynn
Zoya in Flynn $9 zoya.com
Zoya in Taylor
Zoya in Taylor $9 zoya.com
Zoya in Adel
Zoya in Adel $9 zoya.com

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