July 4th Nail Art

Ready for some fireworks and festivities? What about your nails? No worries, Alicia Torello with Coveteur shows the perfect how to look for July 4th! Zoya reccommends using Remove+ for any nail prep, and Naked Manicure Base and Glossy Seal to perfect the look. Alicia used Zoya’s Trixie for the silver accents with the nail look.

“The goal is to make the stars look like they are falling from the tips of your nails. Use the long edge of the striper brush to make angled lines. As in, you lay it down rather than drawing the shape with the tip. After you’ve made star shapes and triangles, carefully fill it in. I arrange the shapes pretty randomly.” -Alicia Torello with Coveteur

Wishing you and yours a great 4th of July!


Zoya in Trixie
Zoya in Trixie
$10 zoya.com

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