Naked Manicure: The Naked Truth – Danielle

Naked TruthAfter learning about the Naked Manicure kit and how it promoted healthy, natural nails, I decided to take it home to test it on my parents, who have happily (and sometimes forcibly) volunteered to be guinea pigs for plenty of my projects in the past. Being quite the handy man [or insert job title here], my dad has really cracked nails, so I thought a manicure –  especially one that promotes healthy, lasting effects—would be perfect for him. When I asked him if I could paint his nails, he was hesitant at first, but when I explained the kit was suited for both women and men, and that it would help the appearance of his nails over time, he agreed. Immediately, he noticed a crazy difference: his cracked nails were filled in and looked much smoother! He said he has tried using an acrylic powder solution in the past to fix this problem, but it didn’t help as much as the Naked Manicure protector polish. The best part? It didn’t look like he was wearing nail polish at all! It could be his little secret.

Then, I tried the kit on my mom, who has ridging on her nails. She happily obliged when I explained the benefits and offered her hand in excitement. With one coat, the protector polish filled in her ridges and immediately smoothed and polished her nails with a glossy finish. Delighted with the results, my mom said her nails looked healthier and more “alive” than they have in a long time! The very next day, my mother woke up shrieking with joy. “Danielle!” she called to me in the hall, “I LOVE my nails!” She was so impressed with the lasting effects of the manicure that she ended up texting me periodically out of the blue for days to follow: “My nails still look amazing!” she would text happily. It is safe to say the Naked Manicure kit made us happier than we expected. —Danielle

Are you ready to get naked? Learn more about the system and get started on your journey to healthy nails here.


Naked Manicure Women's Starter Kit
Naked Manicure Women’s Starter Kit
Naked Mani Mens
Naked Manicure Men’s Kit

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