Dream Collaborations: Zoya x Zayne

teen vogueTeen Vogue had some fun recently by sharing 6 dream beauty collaborations they wish existed. Who could blame them though, we humans LOVE seeing our favorite products joined with our favorite celebrities.

Making their list is Zayn x Zoya. Here’s why they want to see this collab happen;

One Direction has already released its own fragrance and nail polish, including a shade for each of its former five members. But now that Zayn has struck out on his own, wouldn’t it make sense for him to seal a solo deal with his own beauty collab? The shaved head, the green hair—come on, Zayn, we know you want to do this. The perfect brand to get Zayn-y with some badass (unisex, natch) nail colors? Zoya, it’s all you. I’m sure Zoya wouldn’t mind swapping those two vowels to spell ZAYN for what probably would be a sold-out collection.– Teen Vogue

We are all for this! Wouldn’t it be great if Zayn was rocking a gorgeous Zoya mani? We think so! If only…


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